RSS Security Solutions

Technology with Proven Success

RSS offers a full line of security products, all backed by our proven verification technology. Our ability to confirm what is actually happening at your site in real time enables us to verify the alarm event before we call the police.

Police response time is faster for RSS than for a conventional security system alarm. Our technology reduces false alarms and keeps you secure, which gives us exceptional credibility with law enforcement. Our alarm event verification technology is critical for prompt dispatch in the growing number of Verified Response communities, where law enforcement only responds to an alarm when they receive verification that an event is actually occurring.

Our Security Solutions Include:

All of our easy-to-use products are monitored by highly trained professionals at our RSS Monitoring Centers. Our modular approach to system design gives you everything you need now and allows for easy expansion in the future.

What’s more, RSS offers the best performance, satisfaction and service in the industry.

Two-Way Audio Intrusion Detection

Our Two-Way Audio Detection enables our operators to listen to live audio transmissions from your site whenever an activation signal is received. This ability to confirm every activation signal means we can call the proper authorities immediately, or reset your system without having to contact you or the police.

Learn more about RSS Two-Way Audio Detection


Digital Video Surveillance and Verification

RapidVision digital video surveillance and verification gives you increased security without extra personnel. With RapidVision, you can identify and monitor activity on your premises to reduce vandalism, control inventory shrinkage, and increase employee security.

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Intelligent Access Control Systems

By replacing your existing mechanical keys and locks with electronic cards/proximity key fobs and card and biometric readers, RSS can track and restrict who goes "where and when" to designated areas of your facility.

Access control is the process of restricting entry of authorized users to designated areas. This requires the user to present some form of identification, such as a PIN #, card or even a fingerprint, hand or eye to the associated reader. Access control can help reduce the risks of internal theft and external threats and provide a higher overall level of security.

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Fire Detection and Monitoring

The key to prevention of loss by fire is speed. RSS can provide 24-hour monitoring of fire detection systems by our central station operators.

Learn more about RSS Fire Detection and Monitoring.

Our Commitment to You

Our confidence in our systems and our people behind them is backed by a true Commitment to Service.

To get started, call us today toll-free at 877.449.7099 or click the link below for a free Security Assessment.


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