the RSS Security Integration Process (SIP)

The SIP is RSS's comprehensive security system development and support methodology.  The SIP begins with a consultation and thorough site assessment, followed by a customer security system strategy and design proposal and culminating in an easy hassle-free installation.  System training, 24/7 monitoring and support including maintenance completes the process. 

As part of the SIP, RSS works closely with law enforcement agencies and fire departments to ensure compliance with all codes and ordinances.  This, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, results in one of the lowest levels of false alarm dispatches in the security industry. 



The assessment phase of the SIP includes an orientation of all the SIP phases.  The main objectives of the assessment phase are to:

- Ensure a complete understanding by RSS and the client of the client's existing security platform

- Perform a thorough analysis of the client's openly identified and additional unidentified security needs

- Prepare a complete client security assessment and system strategy proposal, including present and future system requirements.

Client Security Goals
Identification of key client security goals and an initial definition of what a security system success would look like.

Security System Requirements
Requirements are typically segmented by functional area (intrusion, video surveillance, access control, fire detection) and represent an outline of the functional areas of the proposed security platform.

Security System Budget
Every security system project must include a preliminary budget range to ensure that the necessary project 'realities' are taken into consideration during the assessment phase.  It is not uncommon for clients to have system desirables that push the security system project out of its realistic funding range.

Security System Integration Timeline
Just as important as the system budget, the integration timeline is necessary to ensure expectations and deadlines are met.


Security System Design
RSS assembles a system design team including a security sales consultant, a lead security installation technician and an alarm monitoring professional along with all necessary system design resources.  The team follows the client security assessment and strategy proposal developed during the assessment phase to efficiently design a security system platform that meets the client's budgetary and installation timing guidelines.

Technologically Advanced System Components
RSS integrates into each system design technologically advanced security components that offer the highest degree of system stability, modular functionality and scalability at the most reasonable cost.  RSS constantly researches the ever-evolving security product marketplace and understands how best to integrate these components into a cost-effective security platform.


Security System Installation and Integration
Building on a thorough assessment and design platform, the system installation is delivered efficiently, on-time and on-budget.  During the install phase, the RSS lead installation technician is the key contact with the client and ensures the system is installed according to the system strategy and design.

Any unforeseen project conditions or client requested system changes identified during the installation phase are fully documented for immediate resolution with the client and reconciliation with the security system strategy and design.

Security System Testing
Once the security system is fully installed, the entire system as well as each individual system component is fully tested for proper functionality according to the system design platform.  Once the system has passed all function tests, it is certified for active use by the lead security installation technician.


Training and Documentation
RSS provides each client with security system documentation and training for all users.  Documentation includes all system manuals and information as well as any custom documentation agreed upon between the client and RSS.  System training is comprehensive and can be performed on-site or remotely at the direction of the client. 

In completing the training phase, RSS ensures that every system user is fully capable of and confident in using the installed security system.  RSS provides on-going training and documentation throughout the security system lifecycle to maximize the benefit each client receives from the installed system.


24/7/365 Security System Monitoring
System activation begins the crucially important monitoring phase.  During the security system life-cycle, RSS's state-of-the-are monitoring facilities provide constant system watch, protecting client facilities and assets against intrusion, fire and other emergencies.

RSS monitoring professionals are highly trained and using leading two-way audio and video technology, respond quickly, calmly and correctly to each alarm and emergency event.


Life-Cycle System Maintenance, Service and Support
The quality of ongoing security system support is equally as important as the system installation.  RSS provides complete system support including maintenance and service throughout the system life-cycle. 

100% Service Guarantee
If an RSS system should require emergency service, a security installation technician will be on-site within two hours.  If we are unable to repair your system (provided problem is security equipment related), we will arrange and pay for on-site protection of your facility until the system is repaired.