It's our mission to become your primary source for improving and enhancing the security of you, your family and your home and business. We strive to build long-term relationships with each and every one of our customers. 

We can only accomplish our mission if you're happy with the products and services we provide to you . We ensure your happiness with Rapid Security Solutions by offering the highest levels of client service supported by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The RSS Commitment to Service

Rapid Security Solutions is a service organization. Our confidence in our systems and the people behind them is backed by a true Commitment to Service that we've put in writing. 

RSS gives every customer a:

  • $500 Performance Warranty
  • Service Guarantee
  • False Alarm Guarantee

At RSS, our customers always come first and our goal is to exceed your expectations. Every day.

$500 Performance Warranty

If you suffer a loss pursuant to a forcible intrusion that was not detected and reported by RSS, we'll cover your loss up to $500. 

This isn't insurance; it's in addition to any insurance you may have. It's just our way of assuring you that our service will deliver when needed. You can rest easy with RSS.

Service Guarantee

If your RSS system should require emergency service, we'll have a service technician on-site within two hours. If we do not respond within this time frame, we will pay you $50.00 for your inconvenience.

If we are unable to repair your system, we will arrange and pay for on-site protection of your facility until the system is repaired, providing that the problem has not been caused by customer abuse, a lack of electricity or telephone service, fire, flood, or act of God beyond RSS's reasonable control.

False Alarm Guarantee

On occasion, you may be assessed false alarm fines. Should that happen, RSS will negotiate with the authorities to have the fine waived, or will pay it directly on your behalf.