About RSS

Rapid Security Solutions (RSS) is a full-service security partner managing end-to-end security and asset protection solutions for HOA’s and condo associations through the use of state-of the-art technology, proven security assessments and exceptional client service.

A properly implemented security program can be a strong risk management tooland member experience lift for your HOA or condo association.  A poorly implemented program can create more cost and liability than it prevents.  The key to a great system – Follow best practice. 

Based on polling data, security is a top of mind concern for HOA and condo association leadership.  Increased concern and attention on member safety, property risk management and incident-based claim mitigation puts an new level of scrutiny on organization’s security programs.  Design it right and enjoy the peace of mind that you can convey to your members.  Implement a system that has best practice gaps and be prepared to deal with increased cost, and an erosion on member confidence.

To follow are five best practice recommendations to ensure that your security program is delivering the maximum value to the management and members of your HOA or condo association.

#1.  Start with a site assessment from a qualified security consultant.  Today’s security system is much different from what we had to choose from just a few years ago.  Advances in IP technology, video clarity and system integration are coming at a blinding pace.  Part of designing the optimal system for your association is knowing what’s available and possible.  Today’s full service security program is often times a best-of-breed system bundle from several different brands.  It’s imperative that your security consultant understands the security system landscape and can make you aware of all the available options. 

#2.  Create functional requirements first; evaluate solutions second.  A common trap that managers fall into is getting enamored with shiny features and neglecting core functional requirements.  Take the time to commit to paper your security goals and desired system functionality.  If you’re not sure where to begin, an experienced security consultant can provide a discovery framework that’s tailored to the HOA / condo association space. 

By arming yourself with the requirements that are important to your association, you can cut through a lot of the technology noise and distraction that has crept into the security space.  Placing the proper priority on functional requirements helps you select the best system bundle. 

Another benefit of starting with requirements -- Bring those security program member benefits to the next budget meeting and you’ll be surprised.  Again, polling shows that members are happy to pay their fractional cost share of a full service security program if they can understand the peace of mind and experience improvements they will enjoy as a result.

#3.  Make sure your people & processes are as robust as your systems.  A comprehensive security system is only as good as the people that manage it and the set of guidelines that ensure a predictable and continuous security experience.  A good security partner can help you document position responsibilities and standard operating procedures (SOP) for your security program.  Those operational guidelines are critical to the success of a security program.

#4.  Video verify every where you can.  Video is everywhere today, and the uses for it continue to grow.  Having video integrated into your intrusion detection, access control, gate automation and fire detection has many benefits, including false alarm incident reduction, remote staffing options, reduced insurance premiums and improved incident response options. 

#5.  Make sure you have a service contract, with an SLA.  You’ve heard a common theme – technology is driving the pace of change within the security space.  Improvements to software functionality and device level functionality are increasing.  A service agreement that includes a regular assessment of your security technology stack and service levels will ensure you are able to keep up with your peers and have continuity in service.  As the industry continues to mature technically you will come to see Security as a Service (SaaS) offerings. 

Rapid Security Solutions (RSS) specializes in HOA and condo association security services.  To learn more about RSS or to schedule a site assessment with a security consultant please visit www.rsecurity.net/industries/communities or call us directly at 877-449-7099.