The Bradenton Riverwalk space is a beautiful outdoor gathering space located just outside of downtown Bradenton, on the Manatee river.  The Riverwalk is a great place to unwind, exercise and enjoy cultural features & events.  Unfortunately, the area is subject to some amount of homelessness, vandalism & mischief.  The Bradenton Downtown Development Association partnered with RSS to provide an outdoor security solution for Riverwalk.  The solution includes wireless cameras that transmit back to the Bradenton Police Department, wireless hotspots that tie patrolling officers to the cameras and monitoring services.  The result is an officer force multiplier effect that ensures appropriate coverage without the extra staff cost.  

There were over 80,000 people at this event and there were zero police incidences however numerous EMS calls that were all handled seamlessly because of the cameras.
— Bradenton area Riverwalk Regatta - 2/7/2015