Business false alarms and the fines that often come with them are an irritation for everyone involved.  While many commercial security companies manage security system management and monitoring for their clients, ultimately it’s the business that is responsible for thee false alarm fines.

Tips for businesses that are triggering false alarms

  • Be sure all employees are thoroughly trained before attempting to use the alarm system.
  • Consider holiday-related schedule changes.  Variations in holiday scheduling are often a culprit for unintended alarm activations.
  • Be aware of items that can move and accidentally set-off alarms.  Birthday balloon and streamers generate a lot of unnecessary alarm activations.
  • Don’t change pass codes without alerting your central monitoring station.
  • Make sure your monitoring is ‘smart’ enough to distinguish between actual breaches and notifications like low battery, power outage, telephone connection interruption, etc.
  • Have a preventative maintenance program in place for your alarm hardware.
  • Upgrade old alarm systems.  Technology advances are occurring quickly in the security space.  The cost of hardware is declining and the feature set is increasing.  Total cost of ownership of a new system will be much less than a legacy system.

RSS is ensuring a properly configured security system and monitory, so that your business does not trigger false alarms.  Should you receive a false alarm fine as a client, RSS will negotiate with the authorities to have the fine waived, or will pay it directly on your behalf.

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