RSS is a certified S2 Security dealer, with factory trained technicians on staff. We offer IP-based physical security and video management systems using S2  Security products.   

Services include: 

  • System design and installation
  • Preventative maintenance and repair
  • Access control management
  • Video surveillance best practice guidance
  • Incident response assistance

Access Control

Enterprise-class, feature-rich S2 access control systems integrate credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video applications for a unified management and administration experience. 100% web based, the systems require no software installation or client license fees.

Video Management

S2 video management systems offer advanced video forensics and tight integration with S2 access control products including S2 NetBox, S2 Enterprise and S2 Global. The S2 NetVR product line's unmatched integration between video and access events gives users immediate access to video related to events of interest.

Converged Systems

S2 NetBox VR products combine the power of the S2 NetBox security management system software with the S2 NetVR video management system in a seamlessly integrated solution. Using only a web browser, these converged, enterprise-class access control and video management solutions deliver unified system management and administration. 

Mobile Security Management

S2 mobile security management products allow field security officers and other authorized users to operate and manage their S2 system from anywhere. The system is administered from a central location, and all actions taken by users are instantly sent back to the command center. S2 mobile security management dramatically improves productivity, decision-making, and response time.

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