RSS Confirms What's Happening When You're not Around.

Our Video-Verified Intrusion Detection System gives our clients the fastest possible response time, with the protection of Video-Verification.

When RSS security sensors pick up abnormal activity on your premises, our professional operators view-in to see live video of each alarm event from your site. 

Once the alarm is confirmed, the proper authorities can be notified immediately, or your system can be reset without disturbing you or safety officials.

Web-Managed Interactive Control

RSS offers Web-managed intrusion system software empowering clients to monitor and control their intrusion systems from anywhere at anytime.
With Interactive control, clients can:

  • Log in to their system from any Internet connected computer
  • Remotely manage users by adding/deleting users at any time
  • Access real-time searchable activity reports
  • Receive system alerts and notifications via e-mail, PDA, cell phone and other mobile devices
  • Remain informed of all facility activity, not just alarm events
  • Ensure system connectivity even when phone lines are cut or power is out

Peace of Mind. Delivered

RSS security system technology revolves around its two-way audio detection system that confirms alarm events that motion sensors alone cannot detect. 

You receive greater peace of mind knowing that we are listening whenever an alarm event occurs and our services are needed.

RSS Operators Make the Difference

RSS operators are highly trained to respond to an alarm event within your facility. They can properly challenge the intruder and call the proper authorities immediately, or reset the system without having to contact you or the police. This ability to confirm every signal means fewer false alarms.